It’s every golfer’s dream of getting a perfect score at any time of the year but now there is even more reason this Saturday at the AJC Group Gala Open, at Ardglass Golf Club. To celebrate our partnership with Ardglass Golf Club we are giving £5000 to any golfer who can sink any hole in one, as well as £5000 in additional prizes.

We are giving a few pointers to maximize your chances at getting your hands on that cash!

1. Embrace your Superstitions

Whether it’s your favourite golf Tee or your lucky 7 iron, every little helps on the day. Some of the worlds top golfers in the world won’t step foot on a green without their lucky trinkets, from Tiger Woods and his “Victory Red” top or Jack Nicholson keeping 3 quarters in his pocket.

2. Strong Iron Game

Club choice is crucial when maximizing your chances of getting a hole in one, a low shot onto the green will sail past the tee and dash any chances of getting that cash. Your best plan of attack is dropping the ball as flat as possible onto the green and hoping for the best!


3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

It’s no surprise that the odds will be stacked against you but that’s no excuse not to try, for an amateur golfer your chances of getting a hole in one are around 12000/1, but if you are no stranger to a golf course and put the hours in you can bring that down to 5000/1 . EASY! 

Armed with this information you are almost guaranteed to join the elite hole-in-one club and if not, make sure to hang around the clubhouse for your free pint from the lucky winner !

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